Shout-out by Rob McElhenney, new Sunny Mix Reposted by Charlie Day, and More!

Recently, I was contacted by TKO Paintings and asked to put together a new It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia remix to go with their latest paintings, leading up to the premiere of the new season on September 25th.

The latest remix will be a mash-up of the theme song from the show (“Temptation” by Hans Kiessling”) and various character clips, focusing primarily on Ongo Gablogian, the stereotypically flamboyant artist archetype created by Danny DeVito’s character, Frank Reynolds.

I plan to have the remix completed before the Sept. 25th premiere, but in the meantime, I sent an unfinished clip to TKO Paintings, which they edited into a time-lapsed Instagram video of the main artist – Taylor Kampa – painting a portrait of Ongo. To our surprise, Charlie Day reposted the video and gave props to the music!

Mere weeks before this, Rob McElhenney, the main creator of the show and actor who portrays Mac, posted an IG video of one of his co-workers dancing on-set to my Paddy’s Theme mix! He even did me the courtesy of tagging me directly and giving me a shout-out! The post was later mirrored by his wife, Kaitlin Olson, who plays Dee on the show!

It’s Always Sunny is, without a doubt, my favorite show on television. So to receive all these back-to-back accolades from the Gang themselves is an honor.

In 2012, I managed to get on their radar with my instantly viral video “Daymanstep,” which was eventually retweeted by Glenn Howerton and even posted on the official Facebook page for the show. Three years later, I created the aforementioned “Paddy’s Theme: Ultimate Edition.

Enjoy the embedded Instagram posts, and keep an eye out for the brand new mix before the 25th!
– Joman

Edit: in the time it took me to write this blog post, Glenn Howerton retweeted ANOTHER video by TKO Paintings that included Daymanstep! They’re hitting the promotion hard leading up to the new season, and I couldn’t be happier to be even a small part of it. 🤘