Joman – The Dissolution EP OUT NOW!

Dissolution EP Artwork Designed by Joman

“With this EP, I wanted to appeal to two different audiences: those looking for heavy-hitting club tracks, and those looking for songs that are more substantive and personal. ” Fuckup” and “Slide” are both tracks I arranged in Reason when I was a teenager that were hits among my friends, so I decided to give them a fresh coat of paint by re-mixing and mastering them, and introducing them to the greater world for the first time. “Fuckup” is a unique blend of Industrial and House, with my teenage self pelting his angst in the vocals, whereas “Slide” sits somewhere between Shpongle and Skrillex, in a category of its own. Similarly genre-bending is the brand new track, “Make Weird Cool Again,” which mixes House with Melodic Funk, overlaying an appropriately nostalgic theme. The repetitive vocal sample, “we need to bring back the 90s” (also recorded by yours truly) should evoke memories of the Big Beat sampling boom at the turn of the millennium. Last but not least is “These Dreams,” a floaty half-step anthem I spontaneously wrote a couple months ago that every tortured artist out there should find relatable; I shared a preview of the project on my fan page, and the response was so strong that I determined it had to be released. All-in-all, I’m satisfied with this EP, mainly because of its clear, intentional duality. I wanted headbangers and heart-wrenchers, and I feel I successfully accomplished that mix in as few as four tracks.”

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