Eric Idle Retweets Joman – Roger the Shrubber

Tweet link:

Note: the Terry Gilliam Twitter is an unofficial fan account. The Eric Idle Twitter, however, is the real deal.

It’s a small gesture, but to me, it’s massive. Just to know that “Roger the Shrubber,” the Python himself – one of the stars of one of the funniest movie and television series of all time – played my video tribute to their work and enjoyed it, has me every bit as giddy with joy as I was when I first found out that Daymanstep had made its way to “the gang.”

“Roger the Shrubber” was actually the very first idea I ever had for a remix. It came to me back in Middle School, when I was watching Monty Python & the Holy Grail for probably the thousandth time, and I noticed that Roger the Shrubber’s introduction to King Author was a bit rhythmic. So I found some random Monty Python fan site that hosted samples, downloaded the clip, pulled it into Fruityloops 2 and got to work. Obviously, this is not that same remix – this is just a tribute. But I imagine if I went back in time and showed this to my adolescent self, he’d shit his pants with glee, right after asking me what a “retweet” is.

Listen to/watch the final version of the remix here.

As a special treat to visitors of my site, I’ve included a link to the original version of this remix that I wrote when I was 13 years old, in all its poorly ‘produced’ non-glory. It made its original debut in my music class; one of my classmates referred to it as “fucking horrible,” which it is.

It’s important – and humbling – to occasionally remind oneself of how far they’ve come.