Client Work

More coming soon.

Beatport Sounds/Sounds to Sample

Starting in 2012 and through 2015, I worked closely with then head of the sample pack division of Beatport on some of their best-selling sample packs, as well as independently with individual companies distributing packs on their marketplaces, such as Libra Rising Music. The packs I’ve recorded, engineered and compiled include (but are not limited to) the following:

Supercool Electro Smashup Vol. 2:

Mainroom Melodics Vol. 1

Mainroom Melodics Vol. 2

Indie Underground Vol. 1

Vocoded Deep Tech

Organic Talkbox Grooves Vol. 1

Organic Talkbox Grooves Vol. 2

Jim Stout recently relaunched his independent company, “Carma Studio,” for which I’ve been doing sound design as well. Most recently, I wrote MIDI and designed the cover for “Synthwave Melodics”:

In 2021, I am working on new packs for Roland, which I will post here once they are complete and available.

Other Freelance Composition & Editing

In 2014, I was commissioned by the Denver Nuggets to produce a promotional video for Ty Lawson, entering the NBA All-Star Voting Period.

Although much of my work in television and film was added after the fact, I have occasionally been hired to produce projects specifically for clients, in this case the theme song for popular Twitch streamer TheThiliaCraft.

Radio Bumpers

In addition to hosting “The Joman Show” on, I’d also worked with others at the station to produce radio bumpers for their shows. The following were created for Steve Stalze, host of “The Jazz and Soul Express.” I recorded the speech with an AudioTechnica condenser microphone and used a multiband compressor to match the style of what is traditionally heard on the radio.

Editing & Touch-Ups

As a former student of the Art Institute of Colorado, I am well-versed in photoshop. The following example is a digital touch-up of a lo-res .jpeg file for Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga. The original image was too grainy to be used professionally, so I supplied RMGY with an updated hi-res .png file for print and other promotional uses, drawn in photoshop on a new layer.