Stop Pretending Trumpism and Fascism are Unrelated. They’re Practically Twins.

When compared to history and analyzed with all available evidence, nothing that is happening right now is really all that complicated. I mean, it is, but it isn’t. Historians and experts on fascism can see the straight line through all of this. I wish more people could. We wouldn’t be wasting all of this time with online “debate.” We’d be charging the gates.

Trump supporters don’t care about education because they are statistically among the lowest test scorers in the country. They hate academia because they interpret their inability to succeed in it as a conspiracy by the “elites” against their mediocre minds and because objective reality – the culmination of thousands of years of collective human knowledge – contradicts their simplified biases, which are largely the result of religious indoctrination, manufactured by oligarchs who know the #1 threat to their power is a legitimately intelligent society. These are the only circumstances under which anti-intellectualism can thrive. Like the Mayan masses, Trump supporters believe that all correlation equals causation.

Their prejudices are based in a lack of understanding; cognitive limitations that prevent them from being able to rationalize that which is unfamiliar to them (i.e. gays, trans people, people of color, etc.). When simple-minded people don’t understand something, rather than seek to understand it using the resources available to them, they first fear it, and then they hate it. And then they interpret the cultural backlash from that fear and hate as “oppression,” only furthering the depth of their misguided emotions. It’s an irreversible victim complex, that wouldn’t be possible without the devaluing of education and human scientific discovery like evolution.

The #1 white supremacist recruitment tool is self-victimization. And I cannot overstate enough that this victim complex is never correctly associated by these people with the real causes of their problems; capitalism, and resulting poverty. It’s easier to write said problems off as white Christian “persecution,” than thoughtfully analyze the myriad of events which culminated in their misery and dissatisfaction.

If we lived in a just society prior to this Presidency, it never would have happened in the first place. By underfunding education and other domestic programs and workers, right-wingers have succeeded at creating an isolation chamber in the United States, similar to North Korea, in which all problems are blamed on unrelated outside sources. This explains the hypocritical, loving obsession with the military and a blatantly corrupt police force. This explains why any challenge against the current political structure in the United States is seen as a hostile attack; as “Communist” or “Socialist.” Whether or not there are elements of either of those things inherent in the perceived “attacks” is irrelevant. The fact that there are any similarities at all between taking care of people and Communism/Socialism” is enough for right-wingers to write those ideas off entirely, no matter how morally, objectively superior (and necessary) elements of them, like the empowerment of the labor force, may be. Opposition to “socialism” is the new Red Scare: baseless, and undemocratic.

This is how the American exceptionalist illusion works. It thrives on the idea that because we have it better than some people in some ways, there therefore isn’t any room for improvement. This delusion wouldn’t be possible without religiously derived slogans like, “God bless America” to fuel American exceptionalist ideas that any kind of change, even if it is a massive improvement, is bad. It goes against “God’s will,” after all. Millions of Americans are too hypnotized to feel the pain of their own self-flagellation.

If time were literally a clock, right-wingers would be the ones smashing it with a hammer, and then getting angry when they can’t tell what time it is. If progress were a bomb, they’d be cutting all of the wires simultaneously, without listening to the advice being given to them in their headset. They’ve had ample warning and ample evidence to help guide them into making different choices. And they have refused.

The only constant is change. Even the pacifist liberals who aren’t fighting hard enough understand that. But the farther right one drifts, the easier it is to write off basic concepts like “equality” as “cultural marxism,” and relative peace as “oppression” against primal desires to eradicate that which is different.

This is the closest this country has ever come to fascism. Every single Trump supporter alive would have succumbed to the lies of Joseph Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda. They’ve done just that with their embrace of the nonstop barrage of lies from Trump and his administration. And the longer we allow them to remain in power, the further down a similar path to Hitler’s 3rd Reich we will go.

This is not anecdotal. This is not hyperbolic. This is an evidence, education and rationality-based assessment of the similarities between Trumpism and Naziism, and they are abundant. It’s time for everyone to stop ignoring them, and justifying it with neoliberal myths about radical acceptance. The entire population of the world, and all of the knowledge we have accrued up to this point, already fought two wars over this, and unless this machine is stopped in its tracks, we will be forced to fight another one. They can hide behind fluctuating stock market numbers and hollow promises of retirement funds all they want. They can tell themselves it’s all paranoid nonsense by looking around at the subjective accomplishments of their small, relatively comfortable lives and pretend that it is all that exists or will ever exist until the cows come home. But the proliferation and success of their ignorance will cost each and every one of us dearly. Except this time around, this species has no real excuses. We have instant access to all of human knowledge. We are more inter-connected than ever. And this still happened. We still goosestepped into genocidal tendencies. We had a reel of history playing in the background, with specific instructions not to emulate it, and we did anyway.

If there is a God, watching over this bizarre failure of a simluation, may it have mercy on our bastard souls. Our species is really screwing the pooch, at the worst possible time.

And social media is ensuring this death spiral. With attention being monetized and validated in the form of likes, retweets and shares, even really bad ideas are given strength. Like the printing press before it, the internet has facilitated the spread of bad ideas.

The next paradigm-shifting invention hasn’t happened yet, because everybody is too busy trying to be the next Kim Kardashian, or Donald Trump. Aspiring to an image is more important than aspiring to a brilliant idea.

This is how democracy dies: with thunderous applause, cameras, smartphones in the air like lighters, and the loudest people, who deserve nothing more than to be put in time-out, instead leading the charge off of the cliff.

“The vessel of the revolution can arrive in port only on a sea reddened with torrents of blood.” – Anonymous